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Pre Planning

Posted on October 4, 2013   /  Posted in Planning

When a body is cremated, the remains are burned to ash (sometimes called “cremains” or "cremated remains"). The cremated remains may be buried in the earth, interred in a columbarium, kept by the family in an urn, scattered or a variety of other creative ways of memorialization.

In order to consider all of your options and make the best choices for you and your family, it can be helpful to ask yourself lots of questions about how you'd like the cremation to be. By looking at the range of choices available to you, you can hopefully come to clear a decision about they type of plans you'd like to make. Then you can begin to learn about the cremation products that you'll need to purchase to facilitate the cremation.

Types of services around cremation

As with burial, you can have any type of service you'd like around a cremation. Many people incorrectly believe that choosing cremation means that you can't have a traditional funeral. In fact, cremations commonly take place after a traditional funeral. Alternatively, you can choose to have a direct cremation (with no service beforehand) followed by a memorial service at a later date.

  • If you would like to have a funeral service before the cremation, where would you like that service to take place?
  • If you would like to have a memorial service after the cremation, when and where would you like that service to take place?
  • If you will be burying or entombing cremated remains, would you like there to be a service around the interment?

If you're planning on burying the cremated remains (either in a cemetery, in a columbarium, or in another location) you can also have a service around the interment, called a graveside service. To learn more about different types of services you can have contact Georgia Cremation Centers for more information.

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