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Price Comparison Chart
Services * Southcare Georgia Funeral Care Georgia Cremation Centers Southern Cremations & Funerals
$1,095 $895 $695 $595
On Site Crematory yes yes yes yes
In person arrangement conference yes yes yes yes
24-hour removal and transportation of your loved one from the place of death to facility no after-hours add $195 (6pm-7am) yes yes no add $200.
add $300 6pm-6am
Removal within 75-mile radius at no additional charge no after 10 miles add $5.50 per mile no after 40 miles add $5 per mile yes no after 10 miles add $5 per mile
Alternative cremation container yes yes yes yes
Temporary container to hold cremated remains after the cremation is complete no additional merchandise charge yes yes no additional merchandise charge
"Instant Quote" calculator no no yes no

* Information based on information from providers' websites as of 08/15/2017. Georgia Cremation Centers is not affiliated with any of the other cremation providers.

Make Cremation Arrangements Now

Need immediate help?

For medical emergencies, always call 911. But if you need help with your arrangements, you can speak with a real person -- day or night -- by calling 678.398.9266.

PrePlan Your Cremation


You can pre-plan your cremation arrangements for yourself or a loved one. Find security and comfort in the knowledge that your final requests are arranged.

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Make Memories That Last Forever

Everlasting memories

Whether you desire a service that’s simple or elaborate, GCC staff will work with you to meet your needs. Let us help you celebrate the life and memory of your loved one.


Make arrangements the way you want: online, over the phone, or in person.

Simple, Easy, Affordable.

We cover a 75 mile radius with no additional fee, unlike other providers.


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